Our primary objective for the Summits is to provide you with an event that is equally productive and enjoyable. Please contact us to gain additional details on how to make the most of your Summit experience. We are happy to answer questions and provide assistance.

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Vendor Partner & Sponsorship Opportunities 

Denne Johnson
Event Sales Manager
djohnson@endeavorb2b.com | +1 607-644-2050

Gina Weber
Managing Director, Events and Membership - UAI, TDW, SUS

gweber@endeavorb2b.com | +1 281-839-8434

Hosted Utilities

Lara Garay
Community Development Manager

+1 847-423-5130

Brigette Gleason
Attendee Services Coordinator
+1 678-258-9431

Bruce Holtman
Community Development Associate
+1 817-242-8484

Robyn Mackie
Community Development Associate
+1 918-228-4292

Lindsey Malter
Community Development Assistant Manager
+1 224-236-4298