What is the Smart Utility Summit?

The Smart Utility Summit is a one-of-a-kind event modeled on a formula proven to be highly productive in the Utility industry. SUS offers an unprecedented opportunity for influential Public Power Utility Executives from Municipalities and Rural Cooperatives across North America to connect with the Industry's leading and most promising vendors. In addition, SUS provides Utility Executives an opportunity to network with their peers and share opinions, strategies, and solutions for success.

How do I connect with Solution Providers at the Summit?

The Summit is designed specifically to optimize your time, making this the most productive event you have ever experienced. The agenda includes three main ways to connect with vendors.

  • You will participate in intimate Boardroom Vendor Presentations with 10 to 12 of your peers, allowing you learn from Senior Executives about market-leading technologies, services and solutions. The Boardroom Presentations aim to foster relationships that strengthen your understanding and knowledge of the latest technology and product breakthroughs.
  • The Summit Solutions Showcase enables productive, one-on-one meetings ideal for evaluating new technologies and conducting in-depth discussions.
  • Executive Premier Presentations are interactive forums where analysts, editors, and other industry experts present the latest technology trends, market conditions, and strategies designed to further enhance your knowledge regarding Utility Modernization, as well as addressing specific issues facing the industry today.
  • In addition, a series of dynamic social and networking activities are designed to solidify new business relationships and give you the forum you need for productive conversations. 

Who is invited to the Summit?

The Summit's exclusive, invitation-only list of Utility Executives is comprised of 100+ C-level Utility Executives of Municipal/Rural Electric Distribution and Investor Owned Utilities. Utility Executives are considered for one of our "VIP Utility Attendee Badges" based on several criteria: customer base, market influence, and breadth of service, to name a few. The final guest list consists of Utility Executives who are leaders in their respective regions and markets who seek progressive, forward-thinking solutions.

Why attend the Summit if I already connect with vendors?

At SUS, you have the opportunity to meet with 45+ industry leading vendors in less than three days! You will have access to the latest technology breakthroughs and benefit from new product announcements that are helping to shape the future of the Industry. Plus, you will have the opportunity to network with your peers from across North America.

What is expected from VIP Utility Attendees?

You are expected to attend ALL Summit agenda items: Boardroom Vendor Presentations, Solutions/Product Showcases, Meals, Seminars, Panels, and Social/Networking functions. We also ask that you complete all survey materials. We encourage you to participate in discussions, provide feedback to vendors and peers, and gain product knowledge and information to bring back to your Utility.

What is the cost to attend the Summit?

Perhaps one of the best perks of SUS: our "VIP Utility Attendees" attend at OUR expense. The Summit will cover your transportation, luxury resort accommodations, and exquisite meals! Even your airfare will be reimbursed.

How will my time be scheduled at the Summit?

The Summits have been organized for maximum productivity, offering a full schedule of business and networking activities throughout each day and evening with regular breaks to allow you to connect with your office and check emails. Take a look at our sample agenda here.

Would you invite a colleague or vendor I recommend?

Absolutely! If you know anyone who would benefit from attending the Smart Utility Summit, we would love to invite them. Help spread the word to fellow Utility Executives and/or Solution Providers, and earn a chance to win a $50 gift card! Submit your referral here.

Presentations and Keynotes at the Summit vary as technologies/regulations advance over time, but the most-discussed technologies and products are as listed below. Attend the Summit to learn about these topics, and more!

  • AMI

  • AMR

  • Billing & CIS

  • Meters/Metering

  • Advanced Distribution Management Systems

  • Outage Management Systems


  • Energy Management Systems

  • Smart Grid

  • Distribution Automation

  • Substation Automation

  • Distributed Energy Resources

  • Renewable Energy

  • Work Management Systems

  • Networks

  • GIS

  • Enterprise Asset Management Systems

  • Content Management Systems

  • Drones

  • Electric Vehicles

  • Energy Storage

  • Solar

  • Safety

  • Conservation Voltage Reduction

  • Volt / VAR Optimization

  • EV Charging

  • Radios

  • Sensors

  • Blockchain

  • Big Data

  • Cloud Computing

  • Mobile Computing

  • Grid Digitalization

  • Smart Cities

  • Cyber Security

  • Grid Edge Technology

  • MDMS

The SUS does a great job of providing you with as much beneficial information you can absorb within two days. Every utility should attend this summit!

— Mackenzie Phillips, Garden City Electric Utilities

The format with the boardroom presentations is tremendous. It does two things with a 30-minute presentation: forces the vendors to focus on their presentation instead of having a two-hour meeting at my place; and it keeps me from getting bored because there is a new topic every 30 minutes. I would definitely recommend [the Summit] to anyone who is interested in productivity, efficiency, reducing their power supply costs, and especially to my colleagues because it is very informative. I picked up half a dozen ideas.

 — Tony Pochard, Director, Anderson Municipal Light & Power

The interactive, small group atmosphere of the boardroom approach is an excellent way to learn about new and exciting technologies. The condensed time frame for each presentation ensures the most effective utilization of both the presenter’s and the utility executive’s time.

— Michael Bristol, Electrical District No. 3

The boardroom sessions were excellent. The small group settings and fast pace maintained interest and focus. Interacting with other utilities of similar size allowed new and similar ideas to be discussed.

— Richard Baldwin, City of Lawrenceville

This year's summit was spot on in the boardroom presentations. Each participating vendor brought a wealth of knowledge that will help make major decision in our future goals.

— Jeremy Konkle, Tipmont REMC

I really enjoyed networking with different people from other utilities. I got a chance to see how our organization measures up to others and also how other organizations handle similar situations. I also enjoyed seeing what the vendors have to offer. The speakers did an outstanding job relaying their message to the crowd.

— Marques Gamble, Clarke-Washington EMC

I have attended six summits and I continue to learn more about products and technology. The Summits are well organized and packed with information in two days. It is also a great opportunity to meet others from different states and hear about their utility experiences.

— Hugh Richardson, City of College Park Power

Still have questions about participating in the Summit?

Contact John Blackwell at jblackwell@endeavorb2b.com or +1 234-222-5957
Contact Brigette Gleason at 
bgleason@endeavorb2b.com or +1 678-258-9431